Discover and defend your attack surface

The average cost of a data breach due to vulnerable software or cloud misconfiguration is $4 million.

Attack Surface Discovery

Your attack surface is the sum of all possible points where an attacker can gain unauthorized access and steal employee and customer data from your organization.

Find external public assets and see IP addresses, certificates, hosting providers, cookies, and more.

Security Insights

Security Insights pinpoints vulnerable areas on your attack surface by looking for issues such as weak encryption protocols, missing security headers, and unpatched web server software.

Security Insights
1 Medium 1 Low
TLS 1.1 Weak Protocol

The web server supports the deprecated TLS 1.1 protocol which can lead to weaknesses.

HTTP Header Information Disclosure

The HTTP headers sent by the web server disclose information that can aid an attacker, such as the server version and technologies used by the web server.

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Zero Configuration.

Enter a domain name and see attack surface data in minutes.